Utah high school mountain biking takes off with the help of Scott Sports, Backcountry.com

Fast-growing Utah high school mountain bike league gets boost from Scott Sports and Backcountry.com sponsorships.    Read More »

Sharkies Organic Energy Sports Chews and New Turbo

Sharkies is an organic energy sports chew shaped like little sharks and they have a new Turbo Strawberry flavor that includes a half shot of caffeine for that extra "kick".    Read More »

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge rack, Pro Truing Stand and Fatt Rakk

Feedback Sports has several new products for 2014 including the Velo Hinge pivoting wall hook rack, Pro Truing Stand for all axles and tire sizes and the Fatt Rakk fat bike display stand.   Read More »

Read More »

EVS Sports WB01 or Troy Lee 5205 Brace

My history in biking is zero, and I just turned 41 so I'm trying to be safe as possible so I don't break anything. I had a few mishaps at a local park this weekend that could have sent my flying so now I'm looking for wrist brace. After doing some searching the Troy Lee does not appear to have many ... Read More »

GPS, training devices, anyone use the iBike sports GPS?

I was looking around for something to track my riding.. I found this from iBIke Sports [url=http://ibikesports.com/ibike_GPS_bike_computer.html]iBike GPS Bike Computer for iPhone 5 and 4S/4[/url] Anyone on here use products from them? it looks pretty neat.Read More »

Art's Cyclery 30% off tools (including Parktools and Feedback Sports)

Art's is running 30% off tools this weekend. Found it on their FB page: [url=http://www.artscyclery.com/catpage-TDFPD7.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_content=day07&utm_campaign=tdf]July 5 - Stage 7[/url] I picked up a feedback sports elite for 154 shipped free. Lots of tools th ... Read More »

McDowell Sports Loop: GoPro Hero 3 Black Helmet Cam Video

Took this with my helmet mount. Does anybody know how to make Youtube keep their video quality when uploading? This video looks like shit on Youtube, but the file I uploaded has amazing quality. It looks like Youtube turns 1080p into 360p or something. [video=youtube;g0nXFFHu8eA]http://www.youtub ... Read More »

McDowell Sports Loop: GoPro Helmet Cam

Here is my video of McDowell sports loop in AZ. I'm getting pissed off at the quality that my videos end up as on Youtube, it looks horrible compared to the actual video I upload. Anybody have tips to maintain quality on Youtube? This one was done with the Hero 3 Black and edited with Adobe Premi ... Read More »

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