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Featured Bike Shop: Over The Edge Sports, Sedona

Our friends Troy Rarick and Jason First have been telling us about their new shop, Over the Edge Sports in Sedona, Arizona. We checked in during our travels to this nice oasis among the red rocks of Sedona.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Is Las Vegas the Best Interbike Can Do?

Why must such an incredible event representing one of mankind’s greatest creations be contained in one of mankind’s worst creations?    Read More »

Just In: Specialized SWAT - Storage, Water, Air and Tools

Eric Schuda, engineer at Specialized went to observe the Leadville 100 Race and was horrified. He saw the finest mountain bikes rigged with duct tape and zip ties.    Read More »

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Performance vertical Bike Storage rack VS Sports Solutions BUA rack

I need to pick up a indoors vertical bike storage rack. I prefer the type that requires no permanent mounting, just presses down on the floor and ceiling. What do you all think of the following racks? [URL=https://bellerophon.ntsecure.net/sportssolutions/sports_solutions_storage_systems/product.a ... Read More »

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