SportLegs... Does someone can tell me about it?

Their maker claims they reduce the "burn" of riding too hard too long. I'm having this leg "burn" issue and wonder if someone can tell if it really works?Read More »

Has anyone tried Sportlegs?????

Just wondering if anyone has used or is using Sportlegs, and with what results. Im just wondering. Ive seen this stuff on the shelf at my LBS and in ads. Thanks for the input!! [url][/url]Read More »

stacking Optygen and Sportlegs ???

ive spoken to a few guys who have been using Optygen for some time with great results. they continue to use it all through the race season. I started using Sportlegs last year with great results as well. mostly helps with quad pain/cramping and recovery soreness. i'm interesting in trying Op ... Read More »


Just tried them for the first time this weekend. I rode a route I have done many times, and it seemed a bit easier than in the past. It was the typical China Camp route -- starting at the kiosk, then up to the Nike missile site and then down. Not a long ride by any means, but thought I'd see if t ... Read More »

SportLegs good for high altitude riding?

I'll be riding at 7000-9000 ft this weekend for the first time ever... not racing, just riding. Would Sportlegs help me in any way, or are they really just good for high effort racing? If the main problem at altitude is just oxygen, then perhaps they won't help, but it seems to me like it migh ... Read More »


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