Gear Review: Giro New Road Women's Apparel

Giro targets women with its daring, mountain bike capable, New Road line of casual looking, but technically serious cycling apparel. See if they hit the mark or come up short.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Yeti SB95C is a gorgeous high-speed weapon

Captivating looks, big wheels and the simple yet innovative Switch suspension set the Yeti SB95C apart. Take a deep-dive into it’s performance here.    Read More »

X-Fusion Signs Multi-Time World Champ Anne-Caroline Chausson

X-Fusion is pleased to announce the signing of 19-time World Champion Anne-Caroline Chausson. Chausson has been the most dominant female mountain biker in history, with an overwhelming 55 World Cup victories. Her talents are also not limited to 26-inch wheels. In 2008, she became the first female at ...    Read More »

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Cool New Multi Sport Race In Buena Vista

Sorry if post is spam - I can remove it. I live in Buena Vista, and am pretty pumped that there is actually a singletrack race in town now. It's on the Whipple trails and the Broken Boyfriend - pretty technical terrain as opposed to the Midland Trail. It's a Multi Sport race and has a running ... Read More »

Bell Formula or Faction Multi-sport helmet

Thinking of purchasing a Bell Faction when I noticed Sports Authority sells a model they call Formula. Can't find any info on what the differences are. Anybody know?Read More »

Best multi-tool for 2007 Hardrock Sport??

I'm looking to buy a multi-tool and have an '07 Hardrock Sport. I figured I'd throw this out there in the Specialized forum and see if there was a certain tool that tailored nicely to the Hardrock Sport (sizes of allens, etc. match up the best). I'm looking for a tool with a chain break on it as w ... Read More »

Anyone use Multi-Sport Helmet?

I like the coverage of multi-sport helmets and wanted to know if anyone uses them for riding. If so, what brand/model do you use?Read More »

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