Review: DT Swiss Spline One Wheelset

The DT Swiss Spline 1 is an excellent set of wheels, that are stiff, strong and light, and utilize their superb 240 hub internals.    Read More »

DT Swiss Spline 1 Wheels - Sea Otter 2013

The new DT Swiss Spline One wheel follows in the design footsteps of their upscale Tricon brethren, and offers high performance and technology in a value-added package.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: The BMC TrailFox TF01 XX-1 Trailcrew is a go-to enduro race bike

Swiss precision is in full effect on the BMC TrailFox TF01 XX1 Trailcrew, a thoroughbred high performer with a price tag to match.   Read More »

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New Dt Swiss XR 1501 Spline wheels 29er

Hi everyone, I've been looking at buying a new 29inch bike and was planning to switch out the stock wheelset (Easton EA70 XC) for something a little little and perhaps a bit more xc/marathon oriented. Dt Swiss have been showing their new 29inch XR 1501 Spline wheelset this spring and I,d like ... Read More »

dt swiss xr1450 spline 29

These are relatively new, has anyone ridden on them yet? I've got a set on order for a moots ybb which I plan to race from time to time, they seem like a good bang for the buck. $1100'ish/1555 grams, without tubeless kit though. 11sp hub for XX1 so my choices are limited anyways. Just wondering if I ... Read More »

DT Swiss M 1700 SPLINE® 650b wheelset

[url=]DT Swiss - DTSwiss[/url]Read More »

WTB single speed freehub spline reversed

Just as a FYI, I was just looking at a WTB single speed wheel with thoughts of running a few gears on it. When I tried slipping a few cogs on it, I found that where the wide spline forces the next channel to be narrow, it's on the opposite side of a normal hub. You have to put the cogs on backwards ... Read More »

Shimano Crank Spider Spline Pattern

Hey all, I'm over in Germany and there's a shop up in Sweden [url=]Experimental Prototype[/url] that I'm asking to make a spiderless chainring for an LX M570 crank that I have. Can anyone say whether all Shimano crank spider spline patterns are the same? ... Read More »

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