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6 and 12 HOURS of Bootleg Canyon

6 and 12 HOURS of Bootleg Canyon Words & Photos by: Monique Spaulding KHS is known to attend different cycling events in different disciplines, however, they are primarily a gravity team. Some of the team members are starting to participate in as many diverse events as possible, to enable t ...    Read More »

Yeti ASR 7 Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ I tested a Demo Yeti ASR 7 this past winter for five weeks that was built with their Freeride Part kit, and I was amazed how comfortable, controlled and useful it was for climbing and riding steep, rocky and technical terrain. This bike li ...    Read More »

Alpine 320K Kids Bike

MSRP: $400. Direct Price: $329 Our bike tester, Miguel is seven years old and had a pretty decent bike. It was a 7-speed Schwinn Mesa with a front shock and an aluminum frame. But when we started tackling some hills, 7-speed just wasn't enough. So I looked into getting a front derailleur and conv ...    Read More »

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Spinner Aeris 320 Oil Volume

Hello all, I'm looking to see if anyone knows how much oil to put in an Aeris 320 fork. I can't find it on the manufacturers site or in the manual. 32mm sanctions 100mm travel. Thanks a lot.Read More »

Spinner Aeris 320 Canadian distrubter.

Hey everyone, I recently bought a used Spinner Aeris 320 front fork, looks like it has never been used, but sadly, I discovered it had a very slow air leak in it. I mean I can't even hear it, it's so slow. BUT the price I paid for it, I am willing to get it rebuilt, but I can't find any Spinner sh ... Read More »

Spinner Grind A/C Length

Would anyone happen to know the axel to crown length of a 65mm (24") Spinner Grind? I have a Shred 24 on the way, and will be modifying a fork to replace the Spinner. ThanksRead More »

Help with vintage Jamis rigid spinner fork

I'll make it short- a tree fell on my wife as she was riding, mashed the rigid spinner fork into the asphalt to a 90 degree. All I need is a replacement fork and headset, re-true the wheel, new axle and I can make the bike as before. One more inch and she wouldn't be here (my wife). It even tweaked ... Read More »

RST Capa and Spinner Grind 20

Hi all, Sorry if these have been answered already - did a little searching and didn't see it: 1) why is the Spinner Grind 20 not available (on eBay) to US residents? Moreover, anyone figure out a way to buy one anyway? 2) why in the world are the RST Capas on eBay sold without steerers? Moreove ... Read More »

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2007 Forks

Ammo 1 2.68
28   Reviews

2009 Forks

Aeris Sport 2
3   Reviews
$ 249.00
Edge AL1 2.5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00
Grind OS 1H 2
1   Reviews
$ 0.00


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