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Spinervals DVD question

i just ordered a spinervals dvd to go with my new trainer, my question is using a mountain bike with it, ive noticed the dvds seem to be geared toward roadbikes. will i be able to reep the benefits of the training with the gearing of a MTB. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using a m ... Read More »

CTS vs Spinervals?

Besides cost ($10 vs $30) is either recommended over the other? I was thinking of doing the CTS 8 week series, just to have some structure to follow, but I was wondering everyone's experience with the two. This wil be my first winter actually following some type of plan. I have the Morris book, ... Read More »

Spinervals X.0

Hi everyone, Could you please tell me which Spinerval videos are the best for building a good mountain biking base for the summer? Thank you.Read More »

spinervals? which one(s)?

hi i kept hearing about spinervals on this site, so went to check them out...there's dozens of choices! any suggestions on say 2 or 3 that are definately worth picking up from and endurance point of view? at 30 bucks a piece.... thanks!Read More »

Spinervals - OMG

I bought a kurt kinetic trainer for riding this winter so I don't turn into the giant tub-o-lard like I did last year. It came with a video that had a 23 minute spinervals sample in it. Cool, I thought, I'll get to give this a try because I'd been wanting to get a spinervals video. Holy mother ... Read More »





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