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Spinergy 10mmx135mm rear through bolt kit a couple mm narrower then the QR axle.

I have a DT Swiss RWS through bolt on the way. I received the 10mm kit from Spinergy and I had a new shop in Agoura install it for me because I don't have a cassette tool right now. For what they charged me, I should have just bought the tool. But, that's not their fault, it's actually a very nice p ... Read More »

Spinergy tandem rated mtb wheels

Check these out. Great looking wheels that are tandem rated from Spinergy. Alex asked us to give them a try over the next few weeks and provide some comparison feedback. Out current wheels are Velocity Blunt 35s on King hubs. The Spinergys look fantastic on the bike. The rim, however is a na ... Read More »

Tire recommendations for tubeless Spinergy Xyclone 29?

Just got my brand new Spinergy Xyclone 29's in the mail - there are countless threads on this forum about these wheels vs. other options, and this is NOT that thread - I raced on the same set of Xyclone 26's for years and just love the wheels... I'm doing the Stan's strip/tape conversion to tubeles ... Read More »

Spinergy Xyclone Question: Cassette 10 speed compatible?

Quick (I presume easy) question. I am building a bike, and need to confirm one last thing before finalizing my components. I have a set of Spinergy Xyclone 29er wheels heading my way, and want to check if I can run a 10 speed Shimano cassette on this wheel. Some online sources say yes, but Spiner ... Read More »

Spinergy Xyclone disc / freehub issue

I have a set of said Spinergy wheels V1's " for over 14 years now" they have served me well but over the last few months due to the awfull weather here in Northern Ireland i've found i have had to strip out the freehub far to meny times :mad: What i've been finding is the paws do not engauge when i ... Read More »


Spinergy Product Categories


Set 8/9/10 Speed 0
0   Reviews
$ 80.00


0   Reviews
$ 5.99
Xyclone 0
0   Reviews
$ 5.00
Xyclone 29er 0
0   Reviews
$ 5.00
Xyclone Enduro 0
0   Reviews
$ 5.00


PBO T Spoke Wrench 0
0   Reviews
$ 5.99
Spoke Wrench 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.95
Spox Spoke Wrench 0
0   Reviews
$ 3.99


Fall Line FR 5
7   Reviews
Rev-X-Roks 3.2
20   Reviews
$ 600.00
Spox 3.61
177   Reviews
$ 700.00
Xyclone 29er 4.83
12   Reviews
$ 589.00
Xyclone Disc 4.88
48   Reviews
$ 1000.00
Xyclone Enduro 4.23
13   Reviews
Xyclone Race 5
2   Reviews




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