Bike Check #1: Nine cool bikes from pre-Sea Otter rides

Sea Otter starts today and we kick off our coverage with a bike check of bikes some of our industry friends are riding this weekend. Keep a sharp eye peeled and you may see some previously unreleased new product.   Read More »

How To: Building strength for mountain biking

Professional mountain bike skills instructor Lindsey Voreis shares 8 great moves to get you ready to ROCK on your mountain bike this summer.   Read More »

Race Report: Cape Epic stage 1 and Medicenter photo gallery

‏Team Kappius/Sir Richard’s Thomas Dooley gives us a look at the impressive Cape Epic Medicenter as things heat up on the multi-day stage race on the Cape of South Africa.    Read More »

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Bike will spin out on corners, rubs front tire on inside of fast turns....

Ive almost got my dh bike dialed. I have one last issue I'm trying to figure out. On some fast sweeping and NARROW turns, I have a tendency to rub my front tire on the inside of turns. When I say narrow, think 1 to 1.5 feet wide. I try to keep the tire off the inside, and what happens is I ove ... Read More »

Crawford Carrick-Anderson, takes the Ripley for a wee spin.

Check out this little video showing Crawford Carrick-Anderson, one of our Ibis Cycles UK team riders, taking the new 29er for a quick spin round Glentress.l [url=,21133/970biking,307]Crawfy Takes the Ripley for a Wee Spin ... Read More »

Can someone with S-works crank free spin their crank and tell me how many revolutions

Can someone with S-work cranks take the chain off or put to side the chain and then spin as hard as they can and tell me how many full revolutions it spins till it comes to stop please. Or upload a video? Thanks...Read More »

New s-works crank - how many full revolutions does it spin when you give a good spin?

New s-works crank - how many full revolutions does it spin when you give a good spin without a chain? I get about 3 full turns but my wife's 2009 S-works Era gets about 10-12. Will it get better in time or are the new seals to keep dirt etc out more restrictive for spinning because the ones on her 2 ... Read More »

XTR cranks won't spin after being torqued

Ok, so i bought a set of used xtr cranks off ebay and also a brand new bottom bracket. Upon their arrival i go in install them and after i torque it down to 45-55nm the crank arms don't spin anymore. So i think i did something wrong and youtube a few videos and i don't see them doing anything diff ... Read More »

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