Video: Santa Cruz Jackal Day Trip With Bryceland and Peat

Pump tracks and dirt jump parks are all the rage but big wheels and all that suspension are not really the ideal tools for the job. Bryceland and Peat cruise around with the Santa Cruz Jackal and just have fun with their dirt jump bikes.   Read More »

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Bruce Spicer's Shore B-Day Ride

13 time canadian champion Bruce Spicer's B-Day ride brought 40 shore legends out to rip the triple challenge. Seymour (c-buster) , Frommer (village chair lift line), Cypress (big eye) [url][/url]Read More »

Looking for long term Spicer cruiser reviews

Knowing the Spicer scruiser frames have been around for a few years now, just wondering if anyone has run into any problems with these frames. How are they holding up? Also anyone bought directly from XACD, any issues with the quality? Post some pics if you have them.Read More »

Rigid fork: Spicer Ti or Pace RC31?

Hello guys, I'm currently buying parts to build a rigid 1X8 or 1X9 with '98 Dean Colonel. I have not decided on the fork yet although I've narrowed it down to Spicer Ti or the Pace RC31. They weigh and cost about the same. Any pros and cons or opinions are welcome. Thank you in advance.Read More »


[FONT=Verdana]Is doing this one up for me, in ti. Ok, wll not him, but his farmed out builders, XACD. Burly ti frame for a price I can stomach. No, this thread is not intended to be a domestic vs. overseas thread. If you want t6o turn it into one, go to F=88 and slum it about. I"ve had Gene do ... Read More »

Spicer Anyone?

I've been looking at Spicer 29er's.Anyone have any pics or info on them?They look like a stout bike for a 240+ rider.What do you think about them?Read More »

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