Spengle MTB Crabon rear hub gone....

Hi, I have a set of Spengle MTB Carbon wheels. My rear wheel needs a Hub cassette 8 or 9. I was told that Spengle was a purchased by Xentis but this is not true and they can't help me. Anyone know of a fix or conversion for the rear hub? it's a campy which I think only Spengle made. I'm not sure ... Read More »

Spengle MTB Trispokes !!!!

I am looking a new or used set of theese wheels the rear wheel broke last week after 12 years of duty. any suggestion were to find them or to get a good replacement is welcome thanxRead More »

Spengle Trispokes !!!!

i am deperatly looking for a new rear Spengle Mtb wheel , mine snapped after 10 years of loyal duty. It looks like it is a mission impossible to get hold of a new set maybe some one knows where to get them thanxRead More »


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