Whistler Bike Park Opening Day .... and some advice from the experts

Whistler opened with unreal trail conditions. Watch some video action of the fun and a few snap shots and some tips from Pros!   Read More »

The 7 Day Giveaway: Some of BC’s Finest Single Track

Words by Harlan Price. Photos by Dave Silver. “It's a funny thing ... often we live in a place and don't always see it for what it is or take advantage of the opportunities it provides.” Leanne Neighbor Mountain Biking BC’s 7 Day Giveaway contest sent a winner and one friend on an amazing sev ...    Read More »

Gear Review: Betabrand Bike to Work Britches

Is that a reflector in your pants or are you just happy to see me? See what our resident Angry Singlespeeder thinks of Betabrand’s new Bike to Work Britches.    Read More »

Read More »

Brew selection....at some of your.....

....favorite places or Brewfests. Here's a few......Read More »

While some people have "upgradeitis"...

I went with "downgradeitis". Sort of. It's more like a "wantedsomethingtotallydifferentfromwhatIalreadyhaditis". Migraines have all but ended any enjoyment I used to get from exercise and riding, they can last hours to weeks at a time. Since no doctor seems to be able to "fix" the issue thus ... Read More »

Some pictures of long bikes, and shop equipment for those who might be bored.

TrailMaker John sent me an email today, and after hearing from him, I thought I'd post a few pictures of some goings-on. I'm moving my personal shop as I bought a different house. I quite like moving machines. [URL=http://s1208.photobucket.com/user/Whipsmartfab/media/Tandems%20etc/Moving1_z ... Read More »

New to MTB and I want to do some organized rides

I'm looking for some guidance. I just got into bike riding last year and I am looking for some organized rides that I can set into my calendar for next year and start training for. I find if I have an event to train for it provides me with a little spark to train harder. The type of riding I wo ... Read More »

Some small trees down on the WCC Trails

[ATTACH=CONFIG]821000[/ATTACH] Amazingly , there were no blockage of the trails . Even more amazing is that the WCC is not allowed to use chainsaws in the forest . They use the good ole fashion band (?) saw . The huge ones the lumber jacks use .Read More »

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