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ORP's Bike Light With Integrated Smart Horn

ORP's LED bike light with integrated (and loud) horn helps cyclists to be safe when riding in traffic, but use wisely.   Read More »

Daily coverage from the 2014 Sea Otter Classic Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Mtbr's daily coverage of the 2014 Sea Otter Classic. We’ll be continually updating this page with photos and beta on all the latest in mountain bike technology.    Read More »

How To: Building strength for mountain biking

Professional mountain bike skills instructor Lindsey Voreis shares 8 great moves to get you ready to ROCK on your mountain bike this summer.   Read More »

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Pope Francis Gets a New Smart Bike

As a lapsed Catholic, I still tend to read papal news and was quite pleased to find out that Pope Francis was presented with a new SMART e-bike when he picked up the keys to the new Popemobile(TM). :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]815388[/ATTACH] Our neighbour just got essentially the same bike earlier this ... Read More »

Oldby/Newbie question-smart build for all-around

I've been reading the forums here avidly for a while. I was hoping I might be able to draw on people's good advice here. I used to be an avid cross country mountain biker back in the 1990s, but I basically ran out of time and haven't ridden much for the last six or seven years. I have an old special ... Read More »

Weird thing happened on the way up to mountain - need smart mechanics to weigh in

So I bought a Sette Razzo about a month ago. It's been a great bike and I am loving it. Today I was cranking up this long 11 mile uphill grind (my 6th ride since I got it) and I noticed something really odd. The bike comes with Formula DC 32 hubs which are pretty loud when you are coasting. Here's a ... Read More »

Racing Ralph vs Smart Sam

Racing Ralph EVO vs Smart Sam (Tubeless) Can anyone compare these tires? I'm looking for a replacement for my current tire. I love my current tire and may just keep them because I love their traction and dependable response to worst case conditions. However my current tires have a lot of r ... Read More »

Edge 200 to smart phone upload

Have an edge 200 and wondering if i can upload from my garmin to my android smart phone to strava appRead More »

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