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Fox 34 Float 29 Front Fork & Float RP23 Rear Shock Review

Officially this is the Fox Racing Shox 34 Float 29 and the Float RP23 rear shock. I've run this suspension on a Transition Bandit 29er (previewed for MTBR here) and now had over 50 rides on the bike. I've run Kashima coated forks for over 100 rides on my personal bikes and therefore feel comforta ...    Read More »

Fox 36 Van 160 FIT RC2 Review

The Van 160 is an incredible fork, and offers superb compliance, control and steering attributes, along with excellent small bump interaction, and of course, typical coil spring plushness and linearity. What sets this fork apart from its competition, are the responsiveness and laser like steering ca ...    Read More »

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Fox Fork SKF Seals????

Hi, I have a Fox F29 Fork. It is a pre-Kashima version...I think it is the year just before the Kashima coating and it has the Fit damper cartridge. I am interested in upgrading to the SKF seals. Can anyone tell me where to get them, and maybe what year fork it is that I likely have? I thin ... Read More »

Fox Fork Questions: Kashima, SKF seals, FIT vs. Non-Fit, PUSH rebuild, etc.????

Hi, I have several questions about Fox forks. -First: do you prefer the new FIT dampers or the old style open bath -Next: does Kashima coating really make a difference? If so, how / where can you upgrade to it? -Last: what about the SKF seals? I have read about them. Can they be pu ... Read More »

Brand new Fox SKF seals, still leaking

My fork started leaking about 2 weeks ago so I purchased the new SKF seals from Fox. I have changed seals in mtb forks several times before and never had a problem, I have also changed seals on motorcycles several times over the years and I know what I am doing. I was surprised how simple it was t ... Read More »

Is this part of a Fox SKF seal? Came out inside fork after bottom out

I bottomed out pretty bad three times in a ride. Some oil even came up through the seals, and I figured it I had just a bit too much and it bottomed out on the oil. Fork is a 2011 float 180 rc2 It felt a little odd when I compressed a few days later. So I opened it up.. the little tension sp ... Read More »

SKF bearings in a Hope hub?

Hi, I am really interested in buying new sealed bearings for my Hope Pro II Evo hub. How do I know the measures I should ask for, and how does it cost? Is it for sale on the internet?Read More »

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