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sintesi or giant?

If you had to choose between a sintesi moab 2004 and a giant revel 2 2011 FRAME, which one would you pick? Thanks.Read More »

Sintesi Snake 1999

Hi! I've got a '99 sintesi snake and was wondering if the frame's still worth anything? Mine's in good condition, few scratches and some paint work damage on the top tube, but nothing major. My bike's in a bit of a state, and it'd be easier to sell it and buy a new one than refurbish it. ... Read More »

sintesi python rear brake

Hello, I have a sintesi python 1, and would like to mount disc brakes. Anyone knows where i can find the adapter? Here is the frame picture [ATTACH]554547[/ATTACH] The distance between the holes is 2.2mm ThanksRead More »

Anyone riding a Sintesi 829 ?

Have you ever seen this Sintesi frame? :skep:Read More »

Sintesi Rumba reinforcement link

Is there anyone with a rumba who can miss the extra FR-reinforcement link? Or someone living in a country where Sintesi is still distributed who could order it for me? :rolleyes:Read More »





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