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Compare-O Bottom Line: Pivot shoots for Holy Grail status with new Mach 6 Carbon

The versatile Mach 6 shoots for Holy Grail territory with it’s wide-ranging capabilities for a wide range of riders. Does it hit the mark? Read our Bottom Line review and find out.    Read More »

Pivot Shows the New Mach 6 Carbon and LES with 27.5 Wheels

Pivot Cycles joins the 27.5 all mountain party with the new Mach 6 Carbon. 6.1" of DW designed travel. The LES hardtail now comes in 27.5 size, too. Photos and info here.   Read More »

Review: POC VPD 2.0 Knee and Elbow Armor

Overall, the Joint VPD 2.0 Knee and Elbow are great products, since they use the excellent VPD 2.0 material with its shock absorption and pre-bent molding, and have overbuilt construction, rugged stitching and materials; all which make for a durable, comfortable and safe armor product.   Read More »

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A racer boy 29er the same size as my beloved large Singular Swift?

Any Singular riders out there ride a FS 29er with 4" of suspension that fits like the Singular Swift. I love that bike despite some flex and weight! I might even SS in cyclocross races on it; however, in long races I want cush under my butt. Thanks.Read More »

Picked up a Singular Swift and love it

Singular makes a sweet hardtail. It looks like custom for pretty cheap. I live in a very hilly area: SS or greared? Hmm.Read More »

New (to me) Singular Swift Build

Got a frame from Deeps Elgnis that was cracked at the seatstay and Chainstay weld. long story short welded it back together (welds might not be the prettiest but the tubes will break before these welds) and building it up. My surly karate monkey fork will be in tomorrow (I will post pictures) so i s ... Read More »

Singular Cycles Puffin

Saw that Singular Cycles is planning a fat bike. I had heard rumors at one point that this might happen. Nothing on Facebook indicated when this may or may not happen. Clearance for 4.0"ers is what was indicated over on Facebook where I saw this.Read More »

Paid Spam: Singular Swift Frame and fork

New, in box. Medium. [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=78489&title=singular-swift-framesetnew-2c-in-box&cat=5]Singular swift frameset - new, in box - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url]Read More »

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