Outerbike 2012 a Huge Sucess

Moab, Utah - The weather could not have been any better for the 3rd annual Outerbike event in Moab, UT which took place between Oct. 3rd- 7th. With temps fluctuating between the mid eighties and mid sixties without a drop of precipitation riders from all over the country and world enjoyed countless ...    Read More »

BC Bike Race Newsletter - November 2010

Hello all you mountain bikers, We hope you're still out there riding. For us, Fall is all about planning the best week of your life on your mountain bike! We have a lot of exciting changes for 2011, including a new stage! Entries are selling quickly right now and we're well ahead on the number of ...    Read More »

Rudy Project Newsletter

Newsletter N° 07 July 2008   ZYON SAILING AND ZUMA SELECTED AS 2008 GEAR OF THE YEAR BY OUTSIDE MAGAZINE IN ITS SPECIAL BUYER'S GUIDE.   Rudy Project has just completed a stunning double play in its conquest of Outside Magazine, the most famous and prestigious mass-ma ...    Read More »

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Trails in Singapore and Malaysia???

Strong possibility of moving to Singapore in the next 6 months and am keen to know about the riding in the area there. Are there many trails and also is it quite easy to get to Malaysia for some riding there as well or is there not much riding in Malaysia at all? Any info would help quite a bit. ... Read More »

Some new builds from SIngapore

Been busy building the bikes but here i am finally to share, some in progress and some are already done 1 - Nicolai Heilus AC with AM front shock mounting , ROhloff [IMG]http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo264/attitudebikes/Nicolai%202011%20build/DSC_0001-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i382.phot ... Read More »

Nicolai Group Ride last Sunday - This is the best as it can get here in SIngapore!

Hi all, our usual weekend rides had quite a nice decent turn out and we manage some videos , in case for those who wonders how the trail here is like. Well this is the best as it can get - probably why we always have the crave to go neighbouring countries like malaysia and indonesia and ride!! ... Read More »

GNN Components is the best suppliers of Electronic Components in Singapore & Vietnam.

GNN Components is the best suppliers of Electronic Components in Singapore & Vietnam. GNN Components is one of the best suppliers of Electronic Components in singapore and Vietnam ( IC components, Chipset, Motherboards, Memories, PC Accessories ) for famous company such as :Abracon, AllianceMemory, ... Read More »

Singapore Trails?

I will be in Singapore in the near future and am wondering if there are any MTB trails to be had. Looking for something XC to mildly technical if possible. Anything? Cheers!Read More »

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