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Simple Pleasures Gnar Bar

The introduction of patented Control Curve Technology is brought to life in the form of the Gnar Bar. The Control Curve was designed to seat itself in the arch of your palm giving you more control with less effort. This allows you to steer your bike at high speeds without a death grip on the bars. I ...    Read More »

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OT: Simple pleasures

What are the odd little things in your life that put a bit of a smile on your face, non-bike related? I like the smell of lemon or orange peels in the garbage disposal when cleaning up the kitchen. How 'bout you all?Read More »

Afterwork rides and simple pleasures

Our usual Thurday PM group ride was down to just two of us tonight, but one (Matt) is recently back on the bike after breaking his foot just as the biking seaons was getting into full swing. We started at the bottom of Pajarito Mtn, which is blessedly only a 15 minute drive from my office, and at 9 ... Read More »

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