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Prestacycle Prestaflator Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ I have been slowly tweaking my home shop, to make it a more useful and functional environment, and this last winter, I got a small air compressor from Sears. The Craftsman 1.5 gal. 150 PSI Air Compressor ($100), is light and portable enoug ...    Read More »

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Silca 24.0 Presta Head - Where to buy

So I'm building a presta valve inflator to help with my tubeless conversion. That said it seems the Silca 24.0 is the way to go. In searching online I can only find this thing for like $20 bucks plus/minus a few. I've heard of some people picking it up for under $10. This possible? No point i ... Read More »

Silca Pista pump, blowing leather gaskets

Hey, Got a trusty 12-yr old Silca Pista/track pump, which recently blew the leather gasket. Picked up a new Silca Pista leather gasket at the LBS, installed with grease and all the parts in same order and orientation, and immediately blew the new gasket out. This pump seems totally simple, i ... Read More »

Broken Silca Pista pump

I posted recently that the cast base on my roughly 15 year old Silca Pista cracked, leaving the base and the pump as separate bits. I have contacted the manufacturer and Bikesportz, the Australian distributor, but unfortunately neither have responded. Is the base available as a separate item anyw ... Read More »

Silca Super Pista Servicing?

I've got a new (to me) Silca Super Pista and I'd like to grease the plunger, but I'm not sure how it disassembles. The pump cylinder has two screws near the top which I removed, but I'm not sure what comes apart next. And I'm afraid of starting to force things apart. Can someone give me a quick o ... Read More »

What is the best floor pump? Silca?

The Terra's seem really nice. Silca also has a presta pressure gage that looks to be made from brass? I couldn't find one to buy on froogle though.Read More »

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Silca Product Categories


2220 Adapter 0
0   Reviews
$ 17.00
24.0 Presta Valve 0
0   Reviews
$ 3.75
30.0 Presta/Schrader Adaptor Head 0
0   Reviews
$ 18.29
EOLO2 Regulator For CO2 Cartridges 0
0   Reviews
$ 21.74
Impero 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Leather Plunger Washer 0
0   Reviews
$ 5.58
Pista 4.16
97   Reviews
$ 62.99
Plus Floor 0
0   Reviews
$ 54.99
Problem Solvers Air-Bob Universal 0
0   Reviews
$ 85.00
Rubber Washer 0
0   Reviews
$ 3.25
Super Mini Pump 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
Super Pista 3.07
14   Reviews
$ 95.00
Terra 2
1   Reviews

Water Carrier

BC11 Aluminum Bottle Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 28.25




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