What Year Shogun Prairie Breaker?

From the stickers I can tell that it s a Shogun Prairie Breaker 1, but I can't find another one like it on the web. I think it must be early 80's considering any others I can find seem to be mid 80's to early 90's but don't have the butted tubes. Also the bars are for a double clamped stem which I'm ... Read More »

my shogun slick rock stx bike

my shogun slick rock stx bike stx rc front derailiuer,cranks,gears, brakes rst 381s front forksRead More »

93 Shogun Prairie Breaker Pro scans

Please can anyone help with any pictures or scans of a 93 Shogun Prairie Pro??? Ive got a re-painted frame with no decals on it and im wanting to get some made. Any help would be appreciated:thumbsup:Read More »

Roadie Question - Shogun 1500

Question 1 - what is the forum (looks very similar to this site) for roadies? I want to ask Question 2 over there too. Question 2- I'm not a roadie, but I often check the bikes section on CL just for the heck of it, and every day a guy posts about his Shogun 1500 bike. I'm not buying, not troll ... Read More »


I've been looking for a road bike for awhile now and recently just picked up a Shogun at a pawnshop for 40 bucks. So I've taken out for one ride and really enjoy it. My problem is is that I really can't find much info on the bike. All it really says on the frame is Shogun 400, full shimano component ... Read More »


Shogun Product Categories

Bike 1998 or Older

Trail Breaker 3 4.43
5   Reviews
$ 500.00


Trail Breaker 4 4
2   Reviews

Rigid Bike

2001 Trail Breaker 2 4.5
3   Reviews
$ 379.00
2001 Trail Breaker 3 4
1   Reviews
$ 469.00
2001 Trail Breaker 4 0
0   Reviews
$ 575.00
2001 Trail Breaker I 4
1   Reviews
$ 325.00



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