Selle SMP Stratos Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin The first time you see an SMP saddle it looks slightly alien or at least like some contortionist nightmare rig. With its wild beaked nose, swooping cradle and monster hand wide middle slot, it is a startling experience. Fortunately, all th ...    Read More »

24K Gold Mountain Bike on Sale for $1 Million

The House of Solid Gold offers to you the first 24K Gold Mountain bike, perhaps the most expensive bike in the world at $1 million. Why did they make it? We're not quite sure. But the real question is who will buy it and will one of these ever get ridden on a trail.   Read More »

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Selle SMP Alternatives?

I use a Selle SMP Glider saddle on my road bike, and it is a comfort revelation compared to any other saddle I've tried. I've had soft tissue numbness issues with the following choices: On the road: Fizik Aliante, Fizik Aliante XM, Specialized Toupe 143 On the MTB: Fizik Aliante Gamma XM, F ... Read More »

Selle SMP TRK? Anyone have one?

How cushiony is the padding on it?Read More »

Saddles: ISM vs. Selle Italia SMP ?

Does anyone use or have tried either of these two saddles? "Down Under" issues are forcing me to re- evaluate my saddle needs. The fore- mentioned look to be the best choices from what I can tell. They aren't cheap though and most places won't let you return them once used. From what I have heard th ... Read More »

Anybody using a Selle SMP saddle?

This one, [URL=""]click here[/URL]. Just wondering before I plop down $250 for a saddle.... most of the reviews I've seen were from roadies. Wondering how they work for MTB'ng.Read More »

Selle SMP Saddle

Anyone using a Selle Smp saddle on a mountain bike? Looking at the Glider model. Seems to get good reviews on the MTBR's review area.Read More »

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