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Review: Seasucker Mini-Bomber Suction Cup Bike Rack

You need to transport bikes on occasion but you have multiple vehicles or you are not ready to commit to a permanent rack. Or you have a type of car where a hitch rack is not an option and a roof rack is not available.   Read More »

Seasucker Hornet Bike Rack First Impressions

We got a chance to try the Seasucker Hornet portable bike rack and made a little show and tell video. This is our first experience with this emerging category of vacuum pump bike racks.   Read More »

SeaSucker Talon and Bomber Vacuum Cup Mounted Bike Racks

I have to admit, when I first heard about the SeaSucker Bike Rack, I was pretty skeptical. The idea of using suction cups to hold your bike to your car seemed a bit dodgy. My introduction to the company and their rack came from an email I received from someone interested in having Mtbr list the ...    Read More »

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2013 honda civic si with a spoiler, I'm thinking about a seasucker, input?

I would be open to a hitch mount set-up but would rarely need more than one bike so a seasucker may be cheaper than a hitch and hitch mounted rack. Anyone with a new Civic Si sedan with factory spoiler get away with anything else?Read More »

Seasucker Hornet Review...

[ATTACH=CONFIG]795861[/ATTACH] I was looking for a rack to use on my Jeep Liberty. My needs for a rack where simple carry one bike to the trail head with out damaging the bike or the vehicle, and if possible I prefer to keep the front wheel on the bike. I didn't want to go with a roof mounted ... Read More »

SeaSucker Bike Rack Owners... POST YOUR PICS!

Since the other "Seasucker?" Thread has gotten so huge, I figured we start a new one so all the SeaSucker Bike Rack Owners can post a pic of their racks in use.. So LETS SEE THOSE SUCKERS!!:D [img]http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/541647_10150927375595222_476131475_n.jpg[/img]Read More »

Carrying a Big Dummy on the roof of my car: EDIT: Pic of Seasucker

I'm trying to figure out how to transport my soon-to-be-arriving BD in the event that I need to, which won't be often, but I'm sure will come about. Possibly, getting it home from the LBS (Only like 20 miles but I have a newborn baby so riding time is super non-existent). I have a both a Thule S ... Read More »


Has anyone tried the Seasucker roof mounts? I'm interested in their simplicity, but skeptical that they would hold at 70 mph for a couple hours on the highway. Thanks.Read More »

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SeaSucker Product Categories

Bike Rack

Bomber 0
0   Reviews
$ 524.99
Falcon 5
1   Reviews
$ 146.99
Mini Bomber 5
1   Reviews
$ 393.75
Talon 5
1   Reviews
$ 262.99




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