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Five cool, new bar and stem combos from Sea Otter

More manufacturers follow Easton’s lead on 35mm bar and stem combinations in our round up of cool, new cockpit set-ups seen at Sea Otter.    Read More »

Bike Check #1: Nine cool bikes from pre-Sea Otter rides

Sea Otter starts today and we kick off our coverage with a bike check of bikes some of our industry friends are riding this weekend. Keep a sharp eye peeled and you may see some previously unreleased new product.   Read More »

MRP G3 Brings Chainguide Performance and Ease of Maintenance to New Heights

Aside from a crash, a mechanical failure, or an encounter with Sasquatch, the last thing you want when barreling at mach speed through a rock garden is to have your chain bounce off.    Read More »

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Why is Noah Sears KOM on Strava for everything?

How do you beat this guy? Strava, Strava, Strava, Strava Some tips for PBR trail?Read More »

Craftsman 255pc $174.99 309 pc. ~$190 Mechanic's toolset Sears

For better quality and value tools vs "bike" set. I highly recommend the 309pc, as because of the higher quality ratcheting wrenches are worth every penny. Ratcheting wrenches alone are $40/each at their cheapest price. [QUOTE]255 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with Lift Top Storage Chest [sears.com] ... Read More »

Sears? Really?

Not sure how I got here but was quite surprise that Sears would sell this type of stuff. [URL="http://www.sears.com/fitness-sports-bikes-accessories-replacement-parts/s-1025037"]http://www.sears.com/fitness-sports-bikes-accessories-replacement-parts/s-1025037[/URL] Quite sure you wont these an ... Read More »

Infineon/Sears Point Raceway events?

Whatever happened to the big races that used to be out there? Anyone know if they'll ever happen again?Read More »

RIP Rob Sears

Some of you may have heard the sad news of the passing of Rob Sears, it happened a few weeks ago, but I held off posting on here as those close to him would find out via his network of friends. It didn't seem right to blog about someone I never met personally, but who I know and respect as a inspira ... Read More »

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