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Help.. advice needed (SE Bikes/Macneil)

Hi guys, just need some advice on a couple of bikes, I've done my research on the SE Big Ripper 29" and the Macneil 265c 26" and I'm torn between the two. I'm 6'4" and have no idea which to get, I need a bike for my commute to and from work and just pottering about at weekends and stuff. I know the ... Read More »

What do people in the SE think of the new Tomac bikes?

I am thinking of becoming a dealer for Tomac and just wondering how they are perceived in the SE. I know on the west coast the name Tomac is popular and they would sell well over there. Would people in this area spend that kind of cash on a smaller name brand? I myself am in love with the bikes and ... Read More »

SE bikes

Currently I'm looking into getting a dirt jumper/urban bike. I was taking a look at the SE filth flyer, but found nothing about it on here. [url]http://sebikes.com/Flyer/26-FilthFlyer.aspx[/url] Anyone know or own this bike? SE is owned by Fuji.Read More »

Stolen bikes - SE Portland

I finally happened. Someone broke into our shed lastnight/this morning and got both of my wife's bikes and one of mine. Please lookout for them and PM me if you see anything 2006 54cm Fuji Cross Pro. White with tribal looking decals and Ringle platforms and a rear rack at the time it was stolen. ... Read More »

SE bikes

Anyone know of this company? I heard of them with their BMX stuff, never heard of Urban/Dirt jump Bikes... [url]http://sebikes.com/2008/bike-detail.asp?id=42[/url] Saw this bike @ my LBS: [IMG]http://sebikes.com/2008/images/popups/DJFlyer.jpg[/IMG] But way, did i say WAY Below the MSRP (500.00). ... Read More »





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