SDG I Beam

My current seat is broken and was thinking of replacing with a I beam. Thinking of putting the Bel Air on. I read that some people have had issues with it snapping. I'm not sure if this was a early issue or if they are still having problems. Looking to see if anybody has some real life experience. ... Read More »

SDG I-Beam

I just wanted to post that I love my SDG I-beam. I am 6'9" and 300lb and wear out bikes in a big way. I bought a specialized HR comp a few years back and tore the cranks off in one day, just with the torque. I now ride a Haro X7 and it can take a beating much better than the HR. The only problem ... Read More »

sdg patriot saddle

i've done some looking around...and can't seem to find anything but vids and pics of the sdg patriot. anybody know where to purchase one of these lovely saddles? if so, help a brother out!Read More »

SDG I-Beam and saddle opinions

I'm currently running an EC90 seat post (190g) and WTB Sillverado saddle (200g). The saddle leaves something to be desired in the comfort stakes and my shorts get caught on the saddle nose. Has anyone got any I-beam saddle and post set ups that are reliable and comfortable that are lighter than th ... Read More »

SDG Bel-Air Saddle

Crashed today after going down some steeps and broke my saddle off by snapping the Ti-rails right at the edge of the seatpost clamp. The SDG Bel-Air RL saddle with Ti-rails, with its durable leather and ergonomic shape, was perfect while it lasted. Now I'm looking to replace with the same one ... Read More »


SDG Product Categories


Bel-Air RT 2.5
1   Reviews
Bel-Air Saddle Ti 4
4   Reviews
Big Boy 4.17
23   Reviews
$ 75.00
0   Reviews
$ 35.00
1   Reviews
Grand Prix 3.41
26   Reviews
$ 95.00
S7000 Saddle 3.63
42   Reviews
$ 70.00
Satellite 3.56
15   Reviews
$ 55.00
Sella Prima .210 0
0   Reviews
Sella Prima .410 0
0   Reviews
Sella Prima .610 0
0   Reviews
Sella Prima .810 0
0   Reviews
Sella Prima .820 0
0   Reviews
Slim Jim 4.44
9   Reviews
$ 59.00
Ventura Comp 4.42
24   Reviews
$ 20.00



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