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Compare-O Bottom Line: Love it or hate it, electronic suspension cometh and Lapierre strikes first with bold, new Spicy 527

Just like their countrymen Daft Punk, French bike-maker Lapierre brings a unique brand of electronica to the US.   Read More »

Syntace 2013

Syntace, the maker of high end German components have been busy this year, with new stems, handlebars and wheelsets. Their partnership with Liteville keeps growing, and they're revamping both of bike companies two models. Syntace has a couple of interesting new products for 2013 that are oriented to ...    Read More »

Liteville 301 MK 10 - First Impressions

I first saw the 301 at Sea Otter when the US rep Kenny Roberts let me take it out for a quick spin, and then in May when I was at the Magura press camp in Sedona, I procured it one afternoon when Kenny was sleepy away the day. I have been riding the Liteville 301 for a couple of weeks, and it ...    Read More »

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Sapim Laser spokes for mtb build

I was looking into spokes for a wheel build. I was planning on Sapim CX-Rays and it was pointed out to me that the Sapim Lasers are the same weight and there is no need for bladed on mtb. builds. I do recognize the build is more difficult due to 2.0/1.5/2.0 spokes tendency to wind-up more, but am co ... Read More »

Sapim CX-Ray spokes in a 29er wheelset

Has anybody got some feed back from using sapim CX-rays in a 29er wheelset. Mostly just looking at the stiffness of the wheels as my LBS keep telling me that the wheels are gonna flex if I use them:madman:. I weigh in at around 73kilos and droppingRead More »

Sapim cx ray spoke tension

Which way is right to measure it?[ATTACH=CONFIG]781015[/ATTACH] A or B? Thanks.Read More »

New AM'ish build, sapim CX ray or DT Aerolite

Building up a set with CK, WTB I23 or Arch EX. So as the title says, CX Ray's or Aerolite's? Which is stronger? Currently have a set of Havens which will be gone as soon as I get these built.Read More »

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Sapim Product Categories


CX Ray 4.86
7   Reviews
$ 59.99
Laser 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.99
Leader 0
0   Reviews
$ 47.99
Race 5
6   Reviews
$ 39.99
Strong 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99




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