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Sapim Laser spokes for mtb build

I was looking into spokes for a wheel build. I was planning on Sapim CX-Rays and it was pointed out to me that the Sapim Lasers are the same weight and there is no need for bladed on mtb. builds. I do recognize the build is more difficult due to 2.0/1.5/2.0 spokes tendency to wind-up more, but am co ... Read More »

Sapim CX-Ray spokes in a 29er wheelset

Has anybody got some feed back from using sapim CX-rays in a 29er wheelset. Mostly just looking at the stiffness of the wheels as my LBS keep telling me that the wheels are gonna flex if I use them:madman:. I weigh in at around 73kilos and droppingRead More »

Sapim cx ray spoke tension

Which way is right to measure it?[ATTACH=CONFIG]781015[/ATTACH] A or B? Thanks.Read More »

New AM'ish build, sapim CX ray or DT Aerolite

Building up a set with CK, WTB I23 or Arch EX. So as the title says, CX Ray's or Aerolite's? Which is stronger? Currently have a set of Havens which will be gone as soon as I get these built.Read More »


Sapim Product Categories


CX Ray 4.86
7   Reviews
$ 59.99
Laser 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.99
Leader 0
0   Reviews
$ 47.99
Race 5
6   Reviews
$ 39.99
Strong 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99


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