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Sach pc-1 rubbing on Truvative Stylo SS guard

Well I've been monkeying with this all night and I'm not sure of the direction to go. I just received my new SS, and the stock Pc-1 chain rubs ever so slightly on the Truvative Style bash guard. I thought I'd remove the guard, but naturally this makes the bolts to short. Should I: 1. Just le ... Read More »

************PAGING BEAU and SACH**************

Hey guys, I'm headin down to CPX on the 6th and 7th of Nov. Want to come rip??? I need to get some new footy, and some stuff to show the people at Spirit Mtn. what I have in mind, and hopefully they will let me build there, they all seem pretty excited. L8R BuckRead More »





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