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runtastic Announces Contest to Gear up for Summer

runtastic (makers of the MountainBike PRO app) are holding a contest for bikers, runners and hikers. Draw the Most Creative Shapes on Their Workouts between Today and June 21 Eligible for Cool Prizes. SAN FRANCISCO - Are you a fitness enthusiast with creative flair? runtastic, a leading provider ...    Read More »

Just in Time for Summer - runtastic Partners with IMBA

Last week, we posted up a special offer that runtastic was running on their MountainBike PRO iPhone app. I downloaded the app and used it for the first time this past weekend. It is a feature rich app that has a nice, customizable interface and tracks and records your mountain bike rides. Definit ...    Read More »

runtastic's MountainBike PRO iPhone App Free for 3 days!

I just received a notice about a new iPhone app for mountain bikers called MountainBike PRO from a company named runtastic. MountainBike PRO is the full edition of their app that includes: "a clean interface, this easy-to-use app tracks your ascent and altitude and provides other helpful met ...    Read More »

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anyone using this? --> Runtastic's Mountain Bike App

Just came across this today - looks like it was released in early Jan. I downloaded the lite version - Looks pretty good...not sure if I'll use this or cyclemeter going forward. [URL="http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mountain-bike-pro-cycling/id478862935?mt=8"]iTunes - Mountain Bike Pro[/URL] [ ... Read More »

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