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The Angry Singlespeeder: Breck Epic Stage 1

200+ miles and 30,000+ feet of climbing, all above 9,500 feet elevation…on a singlespeed of course.   Read More »

Pastajet Investigates Desk Exercising

Is Desk Exercising the latest fad to sweep the cycling world? Don't have enough time to hit the real trails? Maybe Desk Exercising is the next fad...or not. You could even call it: "Deskercise".   Read More »

Review: Subaru XV Crosstrek - Long Term Update

It's now got 13,000 miles and we call it the Enduro™ car. It's slow on the climbs but it's fast on the descents and it rallies on the rough stuff.   Read More »

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Higher RPM cadence test results.

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Palatino]Last night I put the higher cadence information I have read ([URL="http://www.johnforester.com/Articles/Cycling/Physiology.htm"]Bicycling Exercise Physiology[/URL]) to the test. I was impressed with the results. [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Palatino] Previously I ... Read More »

Garmin Edge 510 cadence RPM?

i finally got my garmin edge 510 setup. i am able to connect to the ant+ sensor for the heat rate monitor and cadence GSC10, but the screen only shows the current clock on the bottom left. doesnt anyone know how i can show the rpm instead of the clock?[ATTACH=CONFIG]802825[/ATTACH]Read More »

Higher RPM for Power Intervals?

After getting destroyed by some 4 minute intervals, I was wondering about a couple of things. On my road bike, I try to get in the upper 80s to 90 rpm - I tend to have to force myself to spin faster as it doesn't come naturally to me. On my mountain bike, I spin slower than that. A lot slower ... Read More »

Please Help With My Cadance RPM

I just completed my first 24 hour 5 team member race. I'm running a 1 x 10 set up and felt much more exhausted on the climbs becasue of it. After reviewing my Garman data my cadance dropped to the mid 20's for some of the short steep climbs. From my inexperianced racing knowlwdge this seems to be ... Read More »

Hub RPM per given speed?

Hi all, any math guys in here? How do I calculate hub RPM for a given speed? ... thanks :DRead More »

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