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Upgrading a Royce Union fsa 100

I have 2 1990's Royce Union FSA100 bikes that I want to get rolling again. I've searched for specs, builds. All I've found is a few reviews and not much else. Drive train reviews were poor on the FSA100. Better on the FSA2000. Same y-type frame with better components. I read one reviewer re ... Read More »

Nice Royce Union?

Found this at thrift store for $25. It rides nicely, shifts easily. Any info on it? Any idea what it is worth. It is a 24" Royce union "Dusk" Multi-trak MT24.Read More »

Nice Royce Union!?!

Found this for $25 at thrift store. Shifts easily. Is it worth anything? Any info about it? It is a Royce Union "Dusk" Multitrack MT24. Ballistic shocks, Shimano gears, Kalin bars.Read More »

Royce union?

These worth anything?Someone told me he pulled 550.00 out of it.:skep:Read More »

Royce Union?

Anyone ever heard of a Royce Union fs?or Royce Union period?Read More »


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