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Anyone remember the wavy Roox cranks?

They were not straight crank arms but cnc´d wavy type with oval machined holes, anyone remember these?? These were the coolest cranks that has ever been built. Show pics.Read More »

How much chain is tensioned with a Roox Rollercoaster or similar ?

I'm running a Turner Burner with a Rohloff speedhub. I'd like to remove the rear chain tensioner ans also fit a chain device. Does the Roox Rollercoaster tension up enough chain to allow me to remove the rear tensioner. Or can anyone recommend one that could. The Burner has minimal chaingrowth ... Read More »

Cable on Roox canti brake

Does anybody know what kind of stradle cable is used on a Roox canti brake.(1995) I just bought a set (NOS) of Ebay. They came without stradle and yoke. It looks the same as my pair of Grafton Speed Controlers. So if somebody has a pic of that situation? If I can figure out how to upload pics I h ... Read More »

Roox headshock stem

Anybody use a ROOX Danny's Headshock stem? Good? Bad? Thanks.Read More »

crashed RooX S4 seatpost

1 Year in use..... only cross country... raider weight 80kg / 177 lbs Read More »

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