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Fair Price on a used Romic Twin Tube

I'm thinking about selling the 7.875 X 2.25 Romic with off of my ID, but i can't find anyone selling one used. Anyone got an estimate on a fair price on a lightly used, no leaks Romic Twin Tube? have 500 LB coil spring with it.Read More »

Romic Twin Tube Rear Shock Spring.

Hi all, I recently purchased a used Turner DHR (2005). Overall the bike is in great condition, but rear end feels a little under sprung. I would like to get a stiffer spring for it if possible. I am well aware that Romic no longer manufacturers shocks for bicycles. Anyone know of an ... Read More »

Ti Spring for 2005 DHR Romic

Hello, just got a new to me 2005 DHR and would like to replace the current red 3" 550 spring on the Romic with a Ti spring. Something like 500 as 550 is probably too much for me. Does anyone have one for sale, swap, or know where I can get one for a good price? Names I have seen: DSP, Nuke ... Read More »

04 DHR with blown Romic...

What should I replace it with? For reference: [IMG]http://gp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb179487/p4pb179487.jpg[/IMG] 9.5x3Read More »

RP3 vs DHX 5.0 air vs Romic

I have 3 shocks in my toolbox for my Turner 5 spot. I have been riding the RP3 after a short time with the Romic. The Romic is heavy so I put the RP3 on. I haven't gotten the DHX yet and have read alot on it and seems it is a great shock if you can get it dialed in. I weigh in at 220 lbs so for ... Read More »


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