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2013 Mtbr.com Eurobike Blog - Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of Eurobike 2013. All this week we’ll be bringing you photos and info on the latest mountain bike gear, apparel and new technology including Garmin, Challenge tires, X-bionic apparel and more.   Read More »

2013 NAHBS: Highlights and Winners from Denver

The 2013 NAHBS or North American Handmade Bicycle Show took place in Denver this year, and showcased US and international handmade bicycle frame builders. It encompassed everyone from larger companies, to one-person operations, whom all have the passion and love for handbuilt bikes. The bikes are pr ...    Read More »

Alliance Bicycles - Titanium 29er

Erik Rolf - Alliance Bicycles (Ketchum, ID) builds with Ti and Steel - road and mtb. Here we see the Alliance Ti 29er. The frame is built up with: 100mm fork, full XTR gruppo, Enve XC Wheels. Spectrum painted gloss black panels with white logos outlined in silver. The bike weighs in at 22 lbs. ...    Read More »

Read More »

Rohloff internal shifter setup problems - please help!!!

I recently acquired a used Rohloff wheel with a non-disc hub. It does not have the EX box, but instead uses the internal shifting mechanism. It is fitted to an 18" Surly Troll frameset, and I have been having difficulty getting all the gears to work; currently top gear is missing. This is what ha ... Read More »

Does Rohloff have to use special cranks?

Do you have to use special cranks with a Rohloff or could I just use the inner ring on my double cranks?Read More »

Rohloff any good for AC 29?

Dear all, I plan to finally get an AC29 to have a full-suss companion for my Niner steel hardtail. I have a NoTubes Flow-wheelset with Rohloff hub on the Niner and I´m thinking about moving it to the Nicolai. However, I´m wondering wether the weight of the Rohloff might have an impact on the cha ... Read More »

Alternative lubes for Rohloff

I decided to try some Mobil 1 synthetic ATF in my Rohloff after reading here about another user's success using it. Well, I'm not "thousands of miles later", but two months into it (about 800 miles) I would say that I'm pretty happy. It's not an exponential change, but I would estimate that it's a ... Read More »

Rohloff Product Categories

Brake Rotors

Speedhub 0
0   Reviews
$ 89.99


SLT 99 4.38
34   Reviews


Speedhub 500-14 CC 4.74
23   Reviews
Speedhub 500-14 DB 4.66
68   Reviews
Speedhub 500-14 TS 4.75
12   Reviews


Caliber 2 5
3   Reviews
Cog Removal Tool 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.99
HG/IG Sprocket Wear Indicator 0
0   Reviews
$ 31.99


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