Compare-O Bottom Line: Rocky Mountain Altitude brings full-tilt, all-mountain attitude

If we gave out a Chuck Norris award the 2014 Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition would win by a tractor pull.    Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition

Rocky Mountain’s Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition has a long name, big tires and tall gears. Check out what else this Euro-style sled brings to the enduro party.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Rocky Mountain High with Uncle Rico & Friends

The ASS shares his favorite and not-so-favorite towns during a month-long trip to colorful Colorado.   Read More »

Read More »

Bronson or Rocky Mountain altitude 750msl

Hi, I am going to be purchasing a new bike, I haven't had chance to demo a Bronson , so any feedback on which bike you would choose between altitude 750msl and Bronson cRead More »

2011 Jamis Dakar XC comp of 2011 Rocky Mountain Element Sport ?

Hi, I can get a deal on both of these bikes. Looking for a full sus 100 to 120 mm for singletrack/cross country riding for my girlfriend: no jumps/drops I'm mainly interested in the differences between the frames (have parts lying around to upgrade): rear suspension effectiveness, overall fram ... Read More »

2014 Marin Rocky Ridge - Slack 27.5!

Surprised that no one has posted about this yet. Looks like more info will come out on Aug 1, but the bike looks awesome. - Features 130 mm front travel. - Remote dropper post, with stealth routing o ... Read More »

Proper size for a Rocky Mountain Slayer

Hey guys, I need help with buying a Slayer. I am wondering is the Slayer 30 good enough for all mountain riding or would a 50 be better? Mind you, I currently have a recreational bike that just doesn't cut it anymore, so switching to a Slayer is a real big upgrade. I am just wondering wether the add ... Read More »

New rear tire for rocky/gravely trail

Hey guys I am looking for a good rear xc tire that bites into gravely/rocky trails. I have a continental race king 2.2 on my santa cruz blur classic now,its been a good tire but I'm looking for something that bites into the trail better. I also want it to have agressive side nobs for turning corners ... Read More »

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