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New Rocky Mounts 15mm / 20mm Thru-Axle Adapter That Locks

RockyMounts unleashed the first ever thru-axle mount to carry both 15mm and 20mm thru-axles with the ability to lock. RockyMounts thru-axle line is now available for purchase. RockyMounts DriveShaft introduces a more practical solution for carrying a fatty thru-axle bike. It highlights a solid ...    Read More »

2013 Rocky Mountain Instinct 29er

Trail Bike Versatility with Cross Country DNA It’s about time a company made a bike like this. With the 2013 Instinct, we’ve taken what we learned from our many years of making great cross country bikes and added some trail-destroying 29er attitude. With 130mm of SmoothLink™ rear travel and RIDE-9 ...    Read More »

2013 Rocky Mountain Altitude

We’ll cut to the chase and let you know that the 2013 Altitude is the most complete and best riding Trail bike on the market. It’s the total Trail bike package. But wait a second, what is this category the bike industry calls “Trail”? Didn’t it used to be just cross-country and freeride? Isn’t most ...    Read More »

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Rocky Mounts Jawbridge bike holder?

Anybody use one of these? Considering one of these over the Thule sidearm. They are a bit cheaper and made locally to me (Boulder).Read More »

WTB: Rocky Mounts SD

Looking for a set of the black Rocky Mounts SD mounts that fit into the bed channels of pick ups. Here is a link. Thanks in advance, IanRead More »

Rocky Mounts Driveshaft thoughts/reviews?

After winning the Yakima King Cobra on eBay and deciding against it (after reading horrid reviews regarding the tray snapping, security, etc.), I am now thinking about investing in 2 Driveshafts for my Yakima Steelheads. I'm diggin' the extra lock feature. I took the front wheel off of my '11 XL ... Read More »

Beware Rocky Mounts

Thanks to the advice from Sal, I called Rocky Mounts and they graciously are replacing the broken skewer. Certainly not my intention but very cool. Most importantly I am sending them a picture of the broken part so that they can figure out WTF. Thanks Rocky Mounts, you will continue to be my choi ... Read More »

New Tray for my Rocky Mounts

Currently using my rocky mount (euro lariat) and with a heavier DH bike the trays are too flexy/narrow - Anyone know if I can use a Yakima or Thule tray with the rocky head? If so which one?Read More »

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Rocky Mounts Product Categories

Bike Rack

Clutch 5
2   Reviews
$ 49.95
DriveShaft SD with Lock 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.99
Lariat SL 4.53
17   Reviews
$ 59.95
Maverick Fork Adpater 5
1   Reviews
$ 49.99
Noose SL 4.32
19   Reviews
$ 84.95
Pitchfork 4.43
7   Reviews
$ 109.95
Tandem Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
TieRod 5
3   Reviews
$ 119.99


Lock Core 0
0   Reviews
$ 19.95




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