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Rockwerks Cranks??

I just got these. Anyone have any info on them? I've searched the web with no real luck. Any info would be great. They're headed for my 1x9 29er. They say "Rockwerks" on them and appear to have a removable spider. Thanks!Read More »

Spam:Sun Doubletrack Urban Camo/Rockwerks wheelset $175

[url]http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=61397[/url] I have a bombproof set of wheels for sale. Rims are Sun Doubletrack laced to a set of Rockwerks hubs. The rear hub is a bolt on Singlespeed with an 18 tooth cog, while the front is a 20mm. This wheelset comes with a set of K ... Read More »

Rockwerks SS hub

Does anyone have any info on them? I can't seem to find any reviews, weights, etc. Thanks!Read More »

rockwerks seatpost ???

I am looking for a new 28.6 seatpost for my [old] bullit and a shop offered a choice of a Thompson, which i know is excellent, or a rockwerks for a third of the price.Does anyone have any experience with the rockwerks. Can't find any mention in forums/reviews.Read More »

Surly, On One, Rockwerks advice

I've been singlespeeding for a few years now but am about to build a dedicated bike. I've narrowed it down to two frames: Surly Karate Monkey, and On One's Inbred 29er with sliding dropouts. I'm also weighing the options for the rear hub. I'm looking at Surly's disc hub, and the Rockwerks casse ... Read More »



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