Compare-O Bottom Line: Ultimate one bike quiver? The $10k Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon might be it

You won’t win the Enduro World Series on this bike, but you could ride it just about anywhere in the world.   Read More »

Ready to Rock'n'Dirt Roll

Olympian Todd Wells Leads Fundraiser for Key Bay Area Cycling Organizations BERKELEY, Calif.–Olympic mountain bike team member and multiple US national champion Todd Wells of the Specialized Factory Racing team invites cyclists to join him when he makes a rare Bay Area appearance for the second edi ...    Read More »

Outerbike 2012 a Huge Sucess

Moab, Utah - The weather could not have been any better for the 3rd annual Outerbike event in Moab, UT which took place between Oct. 3rd- 7th. With temps fluctuating between the mid eighties and mid sixties without a drop of precipitation riders from all over the country and world enjoyed countless ...    Read More »

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Rock N Roll Cable Magic

I thought that I'd give Rock N Roll Cable Magic a try. I hung up a shifter inner cable and applied a few drops and ran my fingers down the length of the cable and let dry. My question to anyone familiar with RNR Cable Magic is, does the fluid dry to a teflon coating on the cable or does it contain a ... Read More »

Rock n Roll congealed - time for new lube?

I have been using Rock n Roll Absolute Dry lube this summer and it has worked well. This morning, I found my Rock n Roll Absolute Dry congealed. I assume it congealed because it has been getting colder outside. Having rode through a deep creek yesterday, I wanted to relube my chain, and popped t ... Read More »

Kinetic Road vs Rock n' Roll

I know there are many trainer threads but I haven't found the info I have been looking for. Unfortunately where I live there is no chance to try out a trainer before I buy it. I have decided on a Kurt Kinetic, but can anyone tell me if the Rock n' Roll is worth the extra cash? :confused: I would a ... Read More »

Buying a Kinetic..Rock n' Roll?

Think I am going to bite the bullet and buy a trainer for the days when I can't get out. :) The Kurt Kinetics seem to have mass approval, so that is the route I am going. I have heard the Rock n' Roll feature is nice, and also that it's a gimmick. Any guidance would be appreciated before I sh ... Read More »

Rock N Roll Lub

Does anyone know what riding conditions the extreme and gold are design for? In other words, what is the extreme for and what is the gold for?Read More »

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