Interview: Black Cat Bicycles' Todd Ingermanson

You can instantaneously recognize a Black Cat bike from a distance because of its amazing paint job, but it’s up close where you see the real magic. Mtbr sat down with Todd Ingermanson to pick the brain behind this marriage of form and function.   Read More »

Feature: Destination Santa Cruz, CA

You like mind bending climbs. You like thrilling descents. You like to ride on pavement and you like to ride on dirt. If you answered yes, yes, and yes please, then Santa Cruz, CA should be at the top of your cycling vacation list.    Read More »

KRob visits British Columbia And Whistler Bike Park

Since my earliest forays into mountain biking and mountain biking reports I've seen pictures and read tales of the famous BC riding scene.    Read More »

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Paid Spam 1996 Rock Lobster

Suggestions welcome on my write up...:thumbsup: [ATTACH=CONFIG]810883[/ATTACH] [url=]Vintage Rock Lobster Mountain Bike 19 5" | eBay[/url] [url= ... Read More »

CL rescue and resurrection of a Rock Lobster

As many of you know, I made the trek from Houston to Austin last weekend to purchase a Rock Lobster I found on Craigs lisp. It came to me filthy and out of tune with the hubs bleeding grease from years of sitting in a hot Austin garage. As found: [ATTACH=CONFIG]795773[/ATTACH] Once home it w ... Read More »

Totally agree w/ this. Rock Lobster content.

[url=]can't we just get along ?: December 2010[/url]Read More »

Cotic Sould, Sanderson Life, Rock Lobster SIZING confusion

Hi there, I'm in the market for a nice steel XC hardtail to run with a 100mm fork (Manitou R7 MRD that I already have). Some research and my shortlist (in order) is: 1. Sanderson Life 2. Cotic Soul 3. Rock Lobster 853 (probably best value). The advice I seek is mostly around sizing. I'm 1.7 ... Read More »

1993 Rock Lobster with rain forest camo paint

Another bike that has been in the collection with crappy photos. More details and pictures @ [url][/url] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][ ... Read More »

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