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Feature: Yukon Mountain Biking – Carcross

The bike-specific trail system in Carcross only came into existence in 2004. The mountain bike scene was literally created from close to nothing.   Read More »

Liteville 601 - Freeride All Mountain Bike

The Liteville 601 is an all mountain/freeride bike that offers a whopping 190mm of rear travel and a lot of adjustability including BB height, head angle as well as wheel size options. Watch the video!   Read More »

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1992 Chas Roberts D.O.G.S B.O.L.X

thought id show my latest bike, its a retro frame and parts/with a touch of modern, to make it more useable for what i wanted from the bike. nice white industries single speed cog and a BMX chain [img]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b263/rsalt/bike%20stuff/IMG_0551.jpg[/img] there to work ... Read More »

Chas Roberts e-Stay circa 1990

Something you guys may not have seen before on your side of the pond - a British hand made e-stay from the Chas Roberts framebuilding stable in South London, circa 1990 - probably built to order. Featuring lovely fillet brazing of Columbus tubing and an original Track 2 fork, the bike came to me las ... Read More »

Paul Craig Roberts

Is this guy a nut? I noticed his name a few places, but coverage does not extend to the mainstream media. So he is either discredited, blacklisted, or just plain loopy.Read More »

Justice Roberts votes for warrantless searches

Justice Alito did not vote on the case, which involved a wife calling the police on her husband and allowing them inside even though the husband did not consent. Roberts sided with Scalia and Thomas in his dissent from a 5-vote majority. Roberts and his creepy con colleagues voted for more gov ... Read More »

Roberts Cycles Dogs Bolxs

This is my buddies Roberts Cycles Dogs Bolx frame. And in his own words: [quote]It's finished in a new matt lacquer they do that is rubberised and resists scratches better than standard gloss lacquer. You'll also notice the carbon chainstays and seatstays. They are in fact steel stays with a ... Read More »

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