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Dorel Creates Two Distinct Bicycle Divisions Following Cannondale Acquisition

Posted on February 4, 2008 3:58:49 PM - New Division established exclusively for Independent Bicycle Dealer channel - Pacific Cycle to concentrate on mass merchant category Montreal, February 4, 2008---Dorel Industries Ltd. (TSX: DII.A, DII.B;) today announced it is re-organizing its Recr ...    Read More »

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Walmart Build - Roadmaster Granite Peak

So my nephew has this Walmart special MTB. It's called "Granite Peak" and the brand name is Roadmaster. He is so attached to this bike that he just wants to replace the broken fork and not get a brand new Diamondback Response MTB. He says that he'd rather just keep the Roadmaster Granite Peak and up ... Read More »

BA Roadmaster

Now, I know what you guys are thinking when you see this bike...BAD ASS! So aside from this awesome thought, what you guys think about this old Roadmaster Mountain Climber. First off calm down I already have a Raleigh M60 that I ride and this will strictly be a project bike. Maybe this will make a g ... Read More »

Overhauling the roadmaster worth it?

Hi all. I have this old roadmaster frame that I was considering setting up for a "around town" rig. I was thinking about pulling everything off and sanding down and repainting the frame. Anyone think this would be worth my while or am I wasting my time. Where are some good sites I can get descent ... Read More »

Walmart Roadmaster SS

[I]Like Bontrager says: "Light. Strong, Cheap. Pick two."[/I] -some quote I picked up perusing your fine forum. Hey guys, So I'm going through all the posts looking for Walmart, and there sure is a lot of hate going on for the big W. And I agree, Walmart sucks. However, before I wandered down t ... Read More »

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