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Freeride's Godfather Deepens Family Ties

Race Face expands contract with Mountain Bike Hall-of-Famer Wade Simmons Vancouver, BC - February 1, 2012 - Race Face Performance Products Inc., a global leader in premium mountain bike components, apparel, and protection, has signed North Shore legend Wade Simmons to a multi-year cockpit, apparel ...    Read More »

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Nic Roach gettogether

Nicolet Roche opens May 1st (or earlier?). Anyone want to get something started for big group season start up ride? Maybe we might even get a nice day scheduled! Other northern Wisconsin stuff in Hayward and Cable opened April 7th, which I believe might be the earliest opening there in a while. Stop ... Read More »

Roach Survey

Does this mean a return to gear that actually can take a beating? [url]http://raceface.com/roach/[/url]Read More »

Twin XPG Roach Bike light

My wife came up with the idea of making my lights look like bugs so here is the first attempt. I want to get some brighter colors but i like how it turned out. Twin XPG @ 1 amp. The roaches down here in Texas have curly anttennas. :eekster:Read More »

sette impact knee/shin vs Roach Rally FR Leg Armor

How does the Sette impact match up again the Roach Rally FR Leg Armor? Price point has them for the same price $39. How does Sette match up against the other comparably priced knee/shin protectors? I'm asking for an unbiased opinion please. I've edited this to include the 661 race knee/shinsRead More »

Huge Deal On Roach Pads

Jenson is having a huge deal on roach pads. 20 bucks for leg armor, 15 for arms. Just figured I'd let ya'll know. Im gonna buy a spare set for when mine wear at, this is a steal at this priceRead More »

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Armor and Pads

Indy Leg 0
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$ 4.99


Indy 4.1
20   Reviews
$ 0.00


Enduro Compare-O



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