Interview: Black Cat Bicycles' Todd Ingermanson

You can instantaneously recognize a Black Cat bike from a distance because of its amazing paint job, but it’s up close where you see the real magic. Mtbr sat down with Todd Ingermanson to pick the brain behind this marriage of form and function.   Read More »

NAHBS Coverage - Best of Show, Videos and Photos.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) was held in Sacramento, CA this year and was bigger than ever! Mtbr and RoadBikeReview strive to provide you with as many video interviews and photos as possible. We setup a video/photo booth on the show floor and schedule appointments with the buil ...    Read More »

NAHBS 2012 Award Winners - 2013 Location Announced

Mtbr's coverage of NAHBS continued with day two today and we shot video interviews with 23 builders! The videos will be live soon. All of the builders were great and today's list included names such as Craig Calfee, Steve Rex and Steve Potts. We also interviewed builders from as far away as Italy ...    Read More »

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1994 Retrotec Fat Bike with All Weather Sports rims

I bought this frame many years ago at the Denver Veloswap. It was in bad shape so we had it powder coated white and original built it up with a mix of black parts (it was a pretty sad non-period-correct which crappy parts build). We had looked at it over the years and couldn't figure out how to fi ... Read More »

Stolen Retrotec? (See CL ad in post)

[url=]********Retro Tech Custom Mountain Bike**************[/url] Please let anyone know or buy it because that is a killer deal but I suspect that this is a stolen bike or a spoof listing.Read More »

Small Builder Picture Thread - Curtlo, Retrotec, Dekerf, ORT, etc.

I don't like to start new threads but I was seriously considering a thread hijack on First Flight's Retrotec. How rude! So here is mine. One of my favorites that I own. I got this 91/92 one from a VRC member here. I really can't put in words how much fun it is to ride. I hope you'll post 'em up.. ... Read More »

1994 Retrotec

We got this one as a beat up frame and had it powder coated. Went with a black and white theme at the expense of using better parts and period correctness. At some point, we'll probably make it better but this is how she sits right now. More pictures and details @ [url] ... Read More »

Black Sheep -v- Retrotec

I'm in the beginning stages of a new project bike and having some difficulty deciding between a Black Sheep Stellar Ti HT and a Retrotec Twin Tube steel HT. Anyone with experience on either?Read More »

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