Review: BetterRide three-day mountain bike skills camp

You’ve upgrade to a better fork, some lighter wheels, and a new drivetrain. Now Gene Hamilton and BetterRide want to upgrade your riding.   Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Scott Genius 710

Scott’s stealthy Genius 710 now comes Fox-equipped. Will the new spec equate to more customers?    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Spreading Holiday Jeer

This Holiday season, make more memories and buy less stuff; unless it’s bike stuff. Why? Because the bicycle is one of mankind’s all-time greatest inventions, and its money that’s always well spent.    Read More »

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Does 2013 lefty require the "bearing reset"?

Does the 2013 left have the whole "bearing reset" issue? Does the new engineering behave better? Can anyone comment from first hand experience?Read More »

Pulled lever of Shimano Deore brakes no wheel on (I know...DOH!) to reset lever?

So I stupidly pulled the lever of my Shimano Deore rear brakes (2008 Brodie Mettle) without a wheel on the bike. Now the lever has too little travel before brake caliper works. I tried to push the piston back in. I removed the wheel and put two MacGyvered pieces of plastic (cut section of a CD) into ... Read More »

Lefty bearing reset

Hello I´ve done the bearing reset on my PBR (2012/Scalpel), followed all the moves and now the Lefty does not block, the button does not block the suspension. Can anyone give me a solution? ThanksRead More »

Garmin Edge 305 name reset

Ugh. I've Googled my fingers to the bone on this one. I can't seem to find the answer. I even tried a hard factory reset which did nothing, so I'm thinking I'm doing it wrong. Hold Lap and Start/Stop together for 10 seconds? Zip. I got this Edge 305 used off fleabay for a good price. Everyth ... Read More »

Lefty bearing reset too frequent

I have a 2011 Lefty PBR and just did a reset and a boot lift (with wipe down and new grease application). Went for a 5 hour fairly heavy hit ride, got home, measured length and noticed it had dropped 2.5 cm (way enough for another reset). I have reset (and done a boot lift with regrease) many time ... Read More »

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