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REPLAY XD Introduces XD1080 ReView Full HD Display

Here's our review of the Replay XD 1080 POV Camera http://reviews.mtbr.com/replay-xd-1080-review. Announced this week are some accessories to complement this flexible system. Replay XD has been sort of quiet lately, but with the new release of the ReView HD video monitor, dive housing, RePower ...    Read More »

Replay XD announces the XD720 POV camera

The POV sport camera companies have been on a roll lately, with the GoPro HERO3 series, the Drift Innovations HD Ghost and the Contour+2 and ROAM 2. Now Replay XD stakes their claim with the new XD720. The XD720 is a simple plain jane video camera that just does the 720p resolution at 30fps and 60f ...    Read More »

Replay XD 1080 Review

The POV sports camera has gotten to be very competitive and highly innovative, with all of the companies, including GoPro, Replay, Drift Innovation and Contour, trying to outdo each other.  A few large camera companies, including JVC and Sony are also entering the market, so things are about to get ...    Read More »

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Replay XD experiences anyone?

Does anyone here own a Replay XD? Would like to hear some comments about it.:)Read More »

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