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Renthal DH bars

I see a large number of the pros bikes equipped with the Renthal bars. Are they lighter or better for any particular reason? They seem to look pretty good with the Fox kashima forks. Perhaps a little more rise than others I've seen.Read More »

Renthal 34t Chainring on Orange Gyro

I'm thinking of going 1x10 on my Gyro with a Renthal SR4 34t chainring and a MRP 1x chainguide. Will this combo work with my frame?Read More »

Renthal SR4 Single Chainring and RaceFace Light Bash guard?

I want to run a single chainring with a RaceFace Evolve XC crank, Renthal SR4 34t chainring, and a RaceFace Light Bash. Is it okay if I use Problem Solvers Aluminum Single Chainring bolts? Or will the bolts be too short for both the chainring and the bash? Thanks!Read More »

Renthal Strata Duo - Stack Height?

Hi Guy's, Any one know what the stack height is of the Renthal Strata duo stem? Cant find a measurement anywhere, anyone running one? Cheers, KRead More »

Anyone running Renthal SR4 chainring? Questions

Just installed mine today, and my cranks seem to be slightly catching on something, maybe the chain guide plate. I noticed the SR4 might be a little thicker than the chainring i took off, could i possibly need to run a spacer between the crank arm and bottom bracket to bring it outwards a little mor ... Read More »


Renthal Product Categories


SR4 0
0   Reviews
$ 60.00


Lock-On Kevlar 0
0   Reviews
$ 32.95
Lock-On Medium 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.95
Lock-On Soft 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.95
Lock-On Super Comfort 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.95
MX Kevlar 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.99
Push On 2
1   Reviews
$ 13.00
Push On Kevlar 5
1   Reviews
$ 16.00


Fatbar 5
3   Reviews
$ 100.00
Fatbar Lite 0
0   Reviews
$ 82.99
Jumpbar 0
0   Reviews
$ 74.95


Duo 0
0   Reviews
$ 115.00
Integra Direct Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 145.49


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