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Rennen Rollenlager question

I recently went to Single Speed on a 2012 Salsa Fargo and my Surly Singulator tensioner lost it's spring tension within a 100 miles. I am running it in push up mode. I zipped tied it up and it is working fine now. I would like to replace it with a non spring tensioner and the Rennen appears to be a ... Read More »

Rennen Chainring

Not quite ready to reveal the whole bike, just about done with my american flag race bike. This is the threaded chainring to, I like the idea of this vs a carrier on the rear since on HBC was bent in half due to a carrier popping out.Read More »

Rennen Design Group

I need to get a quiver of chainrings and cogs. Right now I am thinking about the ultimate setup with 32,33,34,35, and 36 plus cogs for 20,21, and 22 all in green because if it's not green what's the point. In my web searching I have come up with a few places that seem to sell cogs/rings with nic ... Read More »

Rennen Chainrings and Cogs

[IMG]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5976525/rennen.jpg[/IMG] [B]Picked up a Rennen Chainring the other day instead of HBC. Very pleased with it so far. [url=http://www.rennendesigngroup.com/ss104.html]rennen design group :: 104BCD chainring[/url] Pros:[/B] Integrated chainring threads! (REALLY ha ... Read More »

Rennen Chainrings

Anybody have any experience with Rennen chainrings? They look awesome, and they have an option for integrated chain bolts. [url=http://www.rennendesigngroup.com/ss104.html]rennen design group :: 104BCD chainring[/url]Read More »


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Single Speed Cog 1
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Chain Accessories

Rollenlager S/S Chain Tensioner 3
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Singlespeed 0
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