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The Angry Singlespeeder: You Are Not a Real Mountain Biker

Don’t be a poser. Become an IMBA member or a local trails advocacy member and do your part to support trail access.   Read More »

Kate's Real Food - Energy Bars

I've been hearing more and more about an all natural and organic energy bar from a brand called Kate's Real Food. They were at the Outerbike demo/festival last October and the buzz has been growing since. In addition, they were a bronze level sponsor of the Mountain States Cup series and they are ...    Read More »

Boothstorming Sea Otter: Index Ink combines creativity, art and mountain bikes at Sea Otter Classic

Index Ink paints giant mural at Sea Otter over the course of four days drawing attention to its lifestyle apparel while sidestepping the clichés.    Read More »

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Short track for first real race?

Wondering what peoples thoughts are regarding type of race for first real mtb race. There is a short track race coming up and I am thinking it might be a good start. Track is 1000meters and you ride as much as you can in 45 minutes....seems simple enough concept. i have been riding for years but nev ... Read More »

I'm not sure this is real...

[ATTACH=CONFIG]820017[/ATTACH]Primrose to Seward and then back to Primrose. Only some kind of stomach bug dampened it a little when I was 3/4 of the way through, but it was amazing out there today, lots of people on the Seward side, lots of trail-runners too. Amazing topography. [ATTACH=CONFIG] ... Read More »

First "real" bike

Not really new to biking (plenty as a kid/teen/early 20's), but never did anything serious. Now, reconnected with an old hockey teammate and some other guys, and would like to do some trail riding, forest service roads etc, ride with girlfriend etc. I"m 6' 140(!), but don't really like the huge ... Read More »

Buy Quality Real And Fake Passports,Driver's License,ID Cards,Resident Permits

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Real World Weights on Pike and Revelation?

I'm considering either the Pike or Revelation. I know the Pike has the 34mm stanchions vs. the 32mm on the Revelation. But I'm also curious as to the real world consumer weights. Anyone have some weights to share? Thanks.Read More »

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