2009 Fool's Gold Mountain Bike Races Today Is The Last Day to Register

2009 Fool's Gold Mountain Bike Races Today Is The Last Day to Register August 15, 2009 in the mountains of North Georgia Fool's Gold 100 & 50 Mountain Bike Races Register today and join the fun. The Fool's Gold MTB Races once again a part of the National Ultra Endurance Series. The NUE is a ...    Read More »

Fool's Gold Mtb Races and Festival

  Presented by 55nine Performance     Fool's Gold MTB Races & Festival The Races... The Festival... Food, Lodging, Beverages, and Bands   55nine Performace Introduces Pedal Stroke Video Analysis What do Jeremiah Bishop, Rebec ...    Read More »

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First-time buyer...Raxter?

Just purchased a new bike and decided that it is finally time to buy a proper bike rack. I am looking for a hitch-mounted, 1.25" compatible "platform-style" rack. I would prefer to stay away from the type of racks that hold the bicycle by its top tube. The rack will be going on my 2011 Prius, fwi ... Read More »

Raxter rack deal?

Anyone know of an online shop selling Raxter folding Duopod and + 2 rack? Need it ASAP - trip in 10 days. ThanksRead More »

Raxter or 1Up - How to lock bikes on??

Hi folks. I'm debating these two racks as I want a rack which does not secure the bike via the downtube. I was curious how I would secure the bikes to the rack to help cut down on the possibility of theft? I have a Thule T2 on my wife's Ford Flex Ltd. and I love the built in cable locks. Howev ... Read More »

Raxter platform rack anyone ?

I am ready to buy a hitch rack for my Focus and was getting ready to order the swagman xc as i wanted a platform style but came across the thread on the 1up quickrack and really like the idea of it holding it by the wheels and not the the frame but have a hard time justifying $300 for a single - Doi ... Read More »

Raxter Back-ordered Until....?

I've been trying to get my hands on a Raxter Tarsus hitch rack for the last month...emailed Raxter last week and they said they're going to be back-ordered for another 4 weeks. I picked up a Yakima Holdup on sale at REI on Friday for $259, but I'm holding off on installing it because it just seem ... Read More »

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