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Rapha Festive 500 challenge

Tomorrow, Dec 23rd, begins the Rapha Festive 500 challenge; Ride 500km between Dec. 23rd-Dec. 31st. I invite everyone to join me in this endeavor for bragging rights and a cool patch, not to mention a Rapha raffle-thats the good stuff! But mainly because someone said "I dare you"! See: [url]www ... Read More »

Rapha can suck it

[url=http://www.rapha.cc/sscxwc]SSCXWC | Rapha[/url] Not getting the tattoos= no win. Not that I was going to buy any pink lycra anytime soon, but they really lost whatever street cred they had before this.Read More »

Strava / Rapha Turkey Takeoff Challenge?

Anyone else doing this? [url=http://app.strava.com/rapha/turkey]Rapha Turkey Takeoff Challenge[/url] I don't think my legs have ever hurt this much! Sipping a beer right now, but it needs to be hard alcohol :pRead More »

Rapha Embrocation

Anyone use their winter embrocation yet? [URL="http://www.rapha.cc/rapha-embrocation-1"]http://www.rapha.cc/rapha-embrocation-1[/URL]Read More »

Rapha Rant

Can the apocalypse be far behind? The day a cosmetics counter appears next to the display case for the latest and greatest drivetrain widgets and gizmos down at the bike shop, I'm quitting. Done. Packing it in. I'll announce it with one last embarrassingly loud and fragrant cloud of carbo-overloaded ... Read More »





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