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Review: Lupine Betty R 10

In every shootout, there has to be a top dog. This year, the Lupine Betty takes the crown by a devastating landslide. They not only spec'd a 4500 Lumen light but they also backed it up. This light is almost scary in brightness level and one really has to look away from the light head or risk seeing ...    Read More »

Mongoose 2014 Meteore 27.5 and Boot'R DH mountain bike

Mongoose shows us two new models for 2014. The Meteore is reborn as a 27.5 hardtail and the Boot'R remains as one of the best bargain DH bikes on the market. Check them out here.   Read More »

Video: Michelin WildRace'r and WildGrip'r 27.5 Tires

The Michelin WildRace’r looks fast with its low profile center knobs and the WildGrip’r, on the other hand, looks like a rally tire with a ton of traction with its good rubber compounds and side knobs.   Read More »

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Bronson C R review

After maxing out my savings I ended up settling on the Bronson in the R AM build. I had mixed feelings on it at first, so I waited till I spent a good amount of time on it and got a solid feel for the bike. I have been riding it for some time now and for the most part I am very pleasantly surprised. ... Read More »

Mojo SL or SL-R with 27.5 Front and 26" Rear? Anyone?

I like the ride of both my 26" Mojo HD and 650b TRc bikes. I also like the fit and weight of the Mojo SL or SL-R. Why not combine both? I'd rather put 27.5 on the rear too but the SL or SL-R won't fit my tire choice, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.35. Anyone run this combo of 27.5 front and 26" rear?Read More »

Help...grinding...RS MC3.R

My wife has a 2006 Trek EX9 and has the Rockshox MC3.R rear shock. Just recently it started getting a hitch in its operation. Almost feels sticky...or like there is sand in it. Any idea as to what's happening? Is there a replacement that I should get? Thanks for the help!Read More »

Mondraker Factor R

[LIST=1] [/LIST] Hi, I've used this forum a few times now but I'm still a relative newbie here... but I know that you guys know your shiz, so I'm after your collective opinion. I was all but ready to walk into my local dealer and buy a 2012 Cadabra as an upgrade to my old Kikapu. I do more AM t ... Read More »

16" Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho Type R World Cup - $1000. USED ONCE!

Literally used once*. Comes with the following: Comes with the following: Rock Shox Boxxer Race 8" Manitou Swinger 4-Way Coil, 9"X2.75" Handle Bar - Easton EA50 31.8mm Low Rise, Clamp Stem - Race Face Evolve DH, 31.8mm Clamp Headset - FSA Orbit Is-2, W/ E-13 Reducer Cup Crank - FSA Gap Megaexo, 165 ... Read More »

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